We are one of the top plant on rental solution providers in gurgaon and delhi NCR  like  air purifier, decorative plants, artificial walls with sound technical and commercial background who offers high quality scientific plant on rent.

Indoor plants for office


We offer office plants rental at gurgaon, delhi, noida with flexible packages and friendly staff at your service, we can handle green decor by high quality air purifier office plants at short notice. Get your favorite plants on rent to enjoy presence of nature without hassle, we have short and long term plans as per requirements which start from a minimum monthly rental.

Gulshan Facility's Rental Plants Service

Greening Your Workspace, Nurturing Your Productivity.

With the many office plant leasing options offered by Gulshan Facility Services, experience the ideal fusion of work and nature. Our specialized services, which include everything from plant selection to continuous upkeep, guarantee a lively and welcoming work environment in Gurgaon that fosters creativity and well-being.


Rely on Gulshan Facility Services' expert team to enhance your space with premium plant leasing and maintenance services tailored to Gurgaon's environment.

Nurturing Spaces, One Plant at a Time.

Nurturing Spaces, One Plant at a Time” is a statement of Gulshan Facility Services’ dedication to improving surroundings via customized plant maintenance. In order to ensure that rental plants flourish in their new homes, our knowledgeable staff carefully chooses and cares for them. We offer specialised solutions that bring life to any space, whether it’s an office, balcony, or indoor area, with an emphasis on Gurgaon’s distinct environment. With our all-inclusive plant rental and maintenance services, discover the transformative power of greenery.

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Gulshan Facility's Rental Plants Service

Our Best Services

The greatest rental plant services in Gurgaon are provided by Gulshan Facility Services. We offer a large selection of rental plants for offices, balconies, and indoor spaces thanks to our painstaking attention to detail and individualized approach. Each plant is carefully chosen, installed, and cared for by our knowledgeable staff to ensure that it flourishes in its new surroundings. Gulshan Facility Services can help you elevate your space with colorful greenery that improves aesthetics and fosters well-being.

Hire Plant Service

Gurgaon’s best rental plant service is provided by Gulshan Facility Services, which also offers professional maintenance and colorful plants for offices, balconies, and interior spaces.

Air Purifier Office Plant Service

With our assortment of air purifying office plants, you can bring the outdoors inside your workspace. Enhance your work environment organically to encourage wellbeing and productivity.

Gulshan Facility Services

Greening Spaces, Enriching Lives with Premier Rental Plants.

“Greening Spaces, Enriching Lives with Premier Rental Plants” perfectly captures the commitment of Gulshan Facility Services to converting surroundings into lively, healthy areas. Focusing on quality and client satisfaction, we provide a wide range of rental plants suitable for various environments, including homes and offices. Because of our dedication to quality, every plant is carefully cared for, resulting in environments that are healthier and more aesthetically beautiful. Discover the distinction at Gulshan Facility Services, where quality and greenery collide.

Gulshan Facility Services

How We Work

Learn how Gulshan Facility Services works its magic with our knowledgeable staff and all-inclusive plant care solutions designed specifically for Gurgaon and also provide best rental services in Gurgaon. We can assist you with choosing the ideal plant and caring for its health.


Project Deal

With Gulshan Facility Services’ customized solutions and deal-driven approach, you can unleash the potential of your next project. From the very beginning to the very end, our careful planning makes sure that every phase of your project is headed toward success.



Any project’s planning stage is crucial because it establishes the groundwork for success. Meticulous planning with Gulshan Facility Services guarantees that every detail is taken into account, from concept to execution, producing outstanding results.


It is through execution that ideas come to pass. Our skilled staff at Gulshan Facility Services guarantees faultless execution, bringing your project to life with care and precision.


Gulshan Facility Serives

Our Team Skills

The skilled members of our team at Gulshan Facility Services combine horticultural, design, and project management knowledge. With each project, we surpass expectations by delivering exceptional results thanks to this special blend.



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